About Us

Rachels Home for Orphans and vulnerable children has two branches. The headquarters is located on “Plot 400, No.13 Rachels Home OVC street, Amac layout, Kurudu FCT-Abuja”. The branch office is located at No. 1 Market road, Obusa in Oju local government area of Benue state.

The Home has a registered Primary school within the premises in the two branches for the children to have access to quality education.

The founder was driven by her vision to eradicate the plights of the less privileged and vulnerable children in the society. To facilitate the activities of the home and have more access to funds, the organization was registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 2010.

The home takes care of the children basic needs (health, and social needs). These include;

1. Provision of good healthcare for the children at any time.

2. Enrolling them in academic institutions (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions)

3. To enable them become responsible in the society.

4. Developing their skills in various aspects of arts and sciences, music, craftsmanship etc.

5. Teaching them ways to socialize and realize their dreams in the society.

To create a conducive environment for genuine love and care for the orphans and vulnerable in the society.

To empower them Emotionally, Spiritually, Morally, Socially and Economically.

1. To provide nutritious meals, clothing and shelter for the orphans and needy ones.

2. To care for the orphans and the vulnerable.

3. To take the step to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children are properly educated and brought up in the society.

4. To provide forum for genuine love and relationship between the rich and poor.

5. To provide counseling and other educational services in the area of HIV/AIDS and reproductive health.

6. To enlist the support of government, corporate bodies and individual in the area of education and their total welfare.

7. To eradicate violence against women.